linking partners, resources and talent


In a thriving economy, finding talent can be a challenge. It is critical to identify resources and strategies available to support industry specific needs. In an effort to align those resources and strategies under one platform, Link Upstate was formed. The site was developed in an effort to share information, eliminate duplication and identify best practices. Workforce partners, as identified, each have the opportunity to share, explore, and implement as a collaborative group. As a business partner, this site offers insight on strategies that may solve some of your most difficult recruitment challenges and provides an opportunity to share what you envision as a solution.



Industry Specific Employability Workshops

The purpose is to identify quality candidates with interest in industry and connect graduates to local employers for employment. Coordinated efforts to provide a facilitator. Local employers will determine curriculum and have option to visit and hire from the class.  Multi-agency referrals accepted into workshop series and On-the-Job Training opportunities for eligible candidates.  

On the Job Training Program

On-the-Job-Training assists businesses with the cost of hiring and training new employees. OJT is designed to meet the hiring needs of local companies:
Applicant screening & referral, customized Training, labor market data, skills assessment.

High School Career and Technology Partnerships

Coordinated efforts to schedule plant tours, job fairs, workshops and co-ops for students. Opportunity for business partners to connect with Career and Technology staff in an effort to align industry needs with curriculum and deeply engage students as they explore potential career opportunities. Some local companies have implemented 2-4 week paid work experience opportunities for local teachers in the summer.

Career Pathways

A thoughtful career pathway is a key factor to recruit, develop and retain talent. An industry or company contributes to the success of each candidate or employee by making the knowledge, skills, experience, educational requirements and job requirements for each industry or company transparent. Check out our page on sample career pathway models.

The SC Technical College System has a career pathway model that offers tuition assistance  

to offset training costs for career opportunities that are in high demand in your area.  If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, please follow the link associated with your county of residence:

Abbeville, Greenwood, Edgefield, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry and Saluda:

Anderson, Oconee and Pickens:

Cherokee, Spartanburg and Union:


Virtual Reality Marketing

In an economy where technology is at the forefront of every conversation, virtual reality has become a unique tool to engage your future workforce. Through virtual reality, applicants can not only tour your facility, but can participate in an immersive experience allowing them to touch your products and experience your processes.

Non-traditional Talent Pipelines

The need to identify non-traditional talent pipelines is critical such as Individuals with Disabilities, Individuals with a criminal record, Individuals without a High School Diploma/GED or college degree represent a few non traditional pipelines. Funding may be available to support the recruitment of these individuals.

Non-traditional holidays

Local companies are getting very creative. Some have implemented holidays during deer season and some are considering establishing holidays that coordinate with football season.

Employee Bonuses

Employees are paid a referral bonus for new hires, once the new employee is employed for a certain amount of time. Bonuses range from $25 - $1500.

Soft Skills from the start

Piedmont Technical College has started providing curriculum grades as well as a soft skill grade at the end of all courses. This grading system allows the potential employer to validate soft skills such as teamwork and communication.

Customized shift models

Developing shifts to accommodate your targeted talent pool. Many companies have implemented shifts that are attractive to single parents. (8AM-2PM). Other companies have created weekend shifts to attract full time workers and college students. Some are considering multiple part-time workers while others are researching the feasibility of hour pooling/scheduling.

Community Engagement

Provides an opportunity for your employees to become engaged with community partners, which creates an avenue to give back. Hosting an open house and company tour allows the community to learn more about your company culture, the potential careers within your company and the opportunity to develop relationships with those who are engaged with your future workforce. Key community partners include school districts, workforce boards and workforce programs, legislators, colleges and universities and many more. 

SC Works Online Services

Visit to post positions, view qualified candidates' resumes and review labor market trends. 

Promote Yourself


Promote the benefits your company offers within your job orders and on all of your marketing materials. It is not wages alone that recruit quality talent. Tell your story. Share your culture. And be sure to include information regarding internal career pathways, professional development and tuition reimbursement.